Saturday, October 27, 2012

Virtual Offices - The New Age Workplace

Many huge offices, of well established companies, believe in setting up huge organizations across various cities connected by their huge, wide link of corporate branches, offices and meeting rooms. These organizations often neglect the issue of space encroachment, especially rising costs of realty and dumping unwanted office space.
At such times, for the companies, it starts haunting them when such costs show up on their balance sheets and as a result of keeping their organizational goals intact, they start firing employees. Instead, a balanced, proficient HR official would give every company a very important advice, of switching over to a virtual office.
Such implicit offices are considered a boon in today's times, owing a lot to the technological advancements as well as space and resource saving techniques. A company with its huge number of virtual offices can structure its workforce into other areas of skill, for which they could be trained. Accordingly, the company could drop its status of a hire and fire organization. Also, even if a company has to let go off a certain batch of employees, in the wake of such technological readjustments, having worked their virtual office requirements in sync with their company goals, explaining this fact to the greying employees would not be something to worry about.
Virtual offices allow company representatives to communicate from their so-called offices across various parts of the globe with various consumers. A firm which is into selling products and arranges for after sales services will always want to set up a hotline for the customers to seek compensation for any damage caused to their goods or provide them assistance with regards to how to use particular appliance, etc. Such places known as call centres come under the bracket of business process outsourcing (BPO).
These BPOs are the new rising forms of virtual offices. Apart from this, virtual offices exist in the form of home-offices and virtual file directories, saving out on a lot of office and realty space concerns. Video conferencing is another form of virtual office where the client as well the company officials could continue their daily business dealings with the help of a computer and a video imaging software.
In this new age, firing employees is no way of creating goodwill for a company in the market, where every customer has become wise. Also, an enterprise has to keep a good relation with the media and the law.

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